There are plenty of blogs and talk shows dedicated to shouting the views from the far left and the far right, but there are very few representing the views of the rest of us. And let’s face it, most people aren’t extremists. Most of us can find plenty to agree on despite the media’s attempt to drive us apart.
Wingnuts is dedicated to real people who are closer to the middle, and we will make every effort to expose the absurdities claimed by those riding the fringe of any political party. Fair warning — if we’re doing our job right we will offend you at some point. It’s inevitable. It’s the nature of politics and social commentary that you can’t please everyone all the time despite the trend for everyone to be “politically correct” even at their own demise.
If you have any normal sense of morality, a basic knowledge of the political process and justice system, and a sense of humor, this site is for you.
Welcome middletarians, libertarians, and wingnuts from both sides of the isle! Please enjoy the posts, visit often, and join the conversation, for open conversation is the true key to progress in an advanced society.