Award winning meteorologist and founder of the weather channel, John Coleman, has compiled the best climate change information to date. This just may be the only presentation you ever need to watch.

After watching the video you may or may not agree with his conclusions, but regardless there are a few points to explore before having an emotional reaction on either side of the global warming or climate change debate.

  1. What is the “right” air temperature for the entire planet?
  2. What is the “right” temperature for all of the world’s oceans?
  3. How many tax dollars will be required to make the oceans and continents the “right” temperature?
  4. What is the “right” mix of all gases in the atmosphere? (keep in mind CO2 is just 400 parts per 1,000,000 or 0.0004% of all atmospheric gas)
  5. What if an effort to stop global warming over-corrects and causes the planet to cool by 2C, or 3C or 5C or 10C? Will we then start pumping CO2 back into the atmosphere?

OnceĀ all of Earth’s inhabitants can agree on the “right” temperature for everyone, only then will it become reasonable to discuss how world governments are to dictate changes to taxes, commerce, and human progress.