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FISA Memo Proves Crooked Hillary Had Help

At Wingnuts, we would love to run more center-of-isle op ed pieces, but the liberals are such easy targets right now that it’s almost impossible not to pile on! Your liberal candidate spent $1.2 billion with a b including more than $100 million on social media, bought  mainstream media, corrupted the U.S. election process, and [&hellip

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Our new logo!

As we approach this heated political season we figured we would mix it up a little! Enjoy our fresh logo design and stay tuned!  We will continue to bring you the freshest, controversial, in your face topics… hope you love to read as much as we love to post!

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Design our logo contest!

You — yes you, can be the recipient of our first-ever Wingnuts Award! All you have to do is design our winning logo. Submit your entry here or on our Facebook page no later than the fifth Republican debate narrowing the field of presidential candidates to 20, or September 30, 2015, whichever comes first, and [&hellip

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