Governor Brown is not the new green after all.

Jerry Brown causing droughts

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JANUARY 2014: California Gov. Jerry Brown holds a chart showing how statewide precipitation drops whenever he is in office.

Climate alarmists and deniers have a seemingly endless supply of data at their disposal to help support myriad hypothesis around the causes and effects of climate change. While the science is far from settled, there is one data point that is indisputable. Jerry Brown has lived in the governor’s mansion during California’s two most extreme droughts of the last 500 years.

Coincidence? Let’s explore.

The odds of any person holding a state governor’s office for four terms over a forty-year span are amazingly low – in fact it has never happened before in the United States. While data on California’s own water management website suggests that multi-year droughts occur almost every decade, real climatologists will tell you these events are extremely rare. The odds of a four-term governor presiding over two extreme droughts in half a century are so remote that climate models can’t even predict such a thing. The correlation is clear and the mere notion of causation is scary.

Everyone in California from legal residents to pot farmers and Native Americans have noticed. Marijuana growers have been forced to illegally divert streams from national forest service lands since Brown took office. An elder Chumash weatherman who requested anonymity had this to say, “Every time the guy gets elected the rain stops and the hills turn brown for many seasons. It’s bad for the land. It’s bad for the people.”

Jerry Brown causing droughts

Correlation and causation between Jerry Brown’s public service and California droughts.

Meanwhile, Brown is appealing to the spirit world to accelerate his quest to raise taxes as a means of controlling the weather. During his recent appearance on TV show 60 Minutes, Brown attributed California’s weather woes to “the wrath of God,” and suggested climate skeptics need to have a “fear of the Lord.” While visiting the Vatican in 2017, Brown told religious leaders, “We need total brainwashing to convince leaders of the seriousness of climate change.” Based on his comments Brown is insinuating that if California residents want rain, they’re going to have to pay, and only then will he lobby the weather gods to deliver the goods. And while he has yet to share his mathematical formula for tax dollars spent to rain water generated, it’s safe to assume this conjuring will be very expensive.

For centuries across the U.S. and Europe hundreds of women have been found guilty of witchcraft and burned at the stake whenever crops failed due to prolonged drought or flooding. Fortunately, Brown is an elected official so the extreme measures taken by past climatologists won’t be necessary. All that is required to bring much needed water back to the state is get him out of office and then elect someone who will build reservoirs to catch the rain.