Despite reductions in summer sea ice shelves, polar bear populations are thriving putting these beautiful mammals at risk of losing their poster child status for climate change.

New data has sounded alarms for biologists who worry that democrats may resort to the use of black ops helicopters and hunting license holidays to thin the herd and maintain their catastrophic narrative. Would democrats be willing to sacrifice once-endangered species in order to tax the planet into submission?

“Absolutely,” claims an anonymous source nowhere near Washington or any other polar bear habitat. “If we can’t get any new footage of these fur balls diving off ice shelves and swimming aimlessly in open water then they’re of no use to us,” she went on to say.

This article published February 2017 showing polar bear numbers are on the rise and approaching 30,000 is getting very little media attention


Polar Bear Population Chart 2017

Polar bear populations recover dramatically despite melting sea ice

Liberals may also seek to lobby Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, and request a ban of some book titles like “Polar Bears Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change” that can be found on his website.

Regarding this strategy our source stated, “In order to convince our children, and our childrens’ children that taxation is the planet’s thermostat we’ll need to be sure that scientists, educators, and wild animals are each playing their respective roles. If our kids see polar bears 20, or 30, or even 50 years from now and they see the species is healthy, it could wreak havoc on public sector financial models.”

The question here isn’t whether sea ice patterns are changing, but rather why polar bears are doing so well. Biologists hypothesize that polar bear populations are more sensitive to human hunting activities than climate change — apparently bullets are more deadly than warm air. There is also evidence that the bears are not as reliant on summer sea ice for sourcing food as previously thought.

Regardless of the reasons, these animals will have to stay cute, cuddly and seemingly helpless if animal activists are to save polar bears and other creatures from the cross hairs of tax-hungry Democrats.