Two Trends Colliding on American Streets

Public opinion in America shifts in the most unusual ways. Take for instance the ironic timing of an uprising in ride sharing mashed up with the trend favoring the legalization of pot.

Currently Uber — nor its mostly unknown ugly stepbrother donning pink facial hair, does not subject its drivers to drug screening at anytime during sign-up or active duty. Some cities such as Chicago have already implemented new drug testing rules for ride share drivers, while in states like California legislators are spinning their wheels proposing new laws to make various activities under the influence of drugs even more illegal than the already illegal drugs.

We at Wingnuts are not so concerned about passenger safety as much as we are about convenience especially as more working parents begin using Uber to shuttle kids to their endless extracurricular activities. It’s only a matter of time before parents in drug-legal states begin having conversations like this with Uber drivers:

Parent: WhHighOnPotere’s my kid?

Driver Dude: I dropped him off at ballet.

Parent: Johnny has soccer practice today and if he misses one more practice he’s off the team.

Driver Dude: Right on. I thought soccer was on Tuesdays.

Parent: Today is Tuesday.

Driver Dude: Whool, what day is ballet practice?

Parent: Johnny doesn’t take ballet. He’s taking hip-hop lessons and that’s on Fridays.

Driver Dude: It’s all good. He seemed perfectly happy when I dropped him off at ballet. And besides, soccer is on Tuesdays.

Parent: Today is Tuesday!

As we continue down this path toward the “sharing economy” — which socialists and liberals are opposing for some strange reason despite the clever branding — We The People will need to simultaneously sync up on social trends lest we beat each other silly.

Sharing rides is good. Sharing pot is good. Mixing the two is probably not a best practice.